An Introduction: Silver Wolf Brewing Co.

As many people who have met me or talked to me either face to face or on Twitter (@sp1365) know that my dream is to own a craft brewery and share craft beer with others. Many people also know that for the last few months I have started working heavily on making that dream a reality and today I wanted to begin sharing my progress with the rest of you by “officially” announcing/introducing the business I am in the process of building and debut the logo that has been in the works for a while. The goal of the brewery is to produce¬† mainly English session beers, historical styles that are barely produced today, and English/American fusion beers.

I must also give a huge thank you to Josh at Brew Brand Creative for all the work that he did on this logo and putting up with me through this process and with that here is the logo for Silver Wolf Brewing Co.

I will have a post up sometime this weekend with more information regarding this venture and what you can expect from me and the brewery going forward.



One Response to “An Introduction: Silver Wolf Brewing Co.”

  1. Terrific Logo! I for one am anxious to hear more, of course as with many homebrewers, that’s my dream too. Although I think I’m going to wait until my kids are in college.

    Good luck!

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