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Silver Wolf Brewing Co. – The Name

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First off I wanted to thank everyone for the feedback and support after my post on Friday. I know I promised more info over the weekend so here you go. I apologize if this post rambles a bit, but I wanted to give everyone a deeper glimpse into what you can expect from me and the brewery. I also have a habit of getting a bit cerebral and lost in thought, so please bear with me.

What is in a name?

I would be lying if I didn’t say that the name partly derived from my love of wolves and dogs in general, but name goes further than that. The name is a throw back to etymology and naming of English Pubs after heraldic symbols. The wolf signifying perseverance or hard work and the color silver signifying respect, both of which are attributes that I strive for and put into every batch I brew. The other major factor behind the name is that I view beer and drinking to be much more enjoyable done in the company of friends, much like wolves in a pack.

Up Next:

-My next big project is the website, which I hope to have up in the next few weeks.

-Brewing various batches to refine our initial line of beers.

-Throughout the week I will be posting other glimpses into the breingw philosphy, brewer(me), the initial beers, and more.




An Introduction: Silver Wolf Brewing Co.

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As many people who have met me or talked to me either face to face or on Twitter (@sp1365) know that my dream is to own a craft brewery and share craft beer with others. Many people also know that for the last few months I have started working heavily on making that dream a reality and today I wanted to begin sharing my progress with the rest of you by “officially” announcing/introducing the business I am in the process of building and debut the logo that has been in the works for a while. The goal of the brewery is to produceĀ  mainly English session beers, historical styles that are barely produced today, and English/American fusion beers.

I must also give a huge thank you to Josh at Brew Brand Creative for all the work that he did on this logo and putting up with me through this process and with that here is the logo for Silver Wolf Brewing Co.

I will have a post up sometime this weekend with more information regarding this venture and what you can expect from me and the brewery going forward.


Brewday – Burton Ale

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Recently I picked up Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels. Before I get any further, if you homebrew and design your own recipes, you need to pick up this book. One of the fun parts of the book, is learning how styles have changed over time to what we know of today. Two of the fun styles that I read about were Burton Ales and Brown Porters, thus leading to todays Burton Ale Brewday.

Today was also the day that I got to use my birthday presents for the first time. Those presents being a malt mill, refractometer, and a false bottom for my mash tun. Overall, all of them worked flawlessly, but none so much as the refractometer. So much easier than taking hydrometer samples and without the waste either. Anyway on to the brewday.

The recipe for this was pretty simple:
90% Maris Otter
10% British Medium Crystal (50-60L)
OG: 1.085
Hopped with
Galena(60 min – 71 IBU)
First Gold (15 min – 18 IBU)
Challenger (5 min – 6 IBU)
Fermented with Wyeast Thames Valley

I plan on dry hopping with First Gold and Challenger as well.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Kinda forgot about that today.