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Int. Beer Week: Baltika #6 Porter

Posted in Ramblings with tags , , on May 5, 2010 by sp1365

So as I said a couple days ago, this week is International Beer Week here at The Daily Pint. This should have been posted last night, but I got lazy, sorry. To start things off is Baltika #6 Porter from Russia. The reason that I choose this one to start is simple, I love porters and the Baltic Porter style is one that I have not yet had a chance to sample.

A little history into the beer and company (as stolen from Wikipedia):

  • Baltika Brewery started in 1990
  • Based in St. Petersburg and has 18 breweries across Eastern Europe
  • Second largest brewery in Eastern Europe behind Heineken
  • Majority owned by Carlsberg group

From the website on the #6 Porter:

  • Ingredients: water, pale barley, caramel and black malt, hop.
  • Alcohol content: not less than 7% by volume.
  • Original wort gravity: 17 %

Now on to the beer

Aroma – Very sweet maltly aroma with hints of fruit most of which being cherry. Pleasant and not overwhelming.

Appearance – Pours a rich dark reddish brown, almost black. Clear when you put it up to the light and has a fairly creamy long lasting tan head.

Flavor – First thing that hit me was the caramel/toffee like sweetness. That was replaced by a very slight roasty character and has a slight flavor of alcohol transitioning to a finishing bitterness. The balance of this beer makes it very smooth. The hops are not noticeable as a flavor, but definitely prevent the beer from being cloying.

Mouthfeel – This is a full bodied beer with medium carbonation and a slight alcoholic warmth.

Overall – I really like this beer. It might not be the most complex of beers, but that is okay. Baltika #6 is a smooth drinking beer and the flavors balance very well. 8/10

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International Beer Week

Posted in Ramblings with tags , on May 3, 2010 by sp1365

I’m sorry for the lack of posting for the last couple days, graduating, packing up my apartment, and moving back home has not allowed me much free time. That being said, I am now officially an alumnus of the University of Dayton and start my job in 2 weeks. This week in between finding a place to live (to anyone in the Chicago area I am open to recommendations), buying a car, and all the other things I now need to do for living in the real world, I will be reviewing 6 beers from around the world.

A couple weeks back my parents gifted me with these beers and I am finally going to get around to drinking them. They are:

  • Baltika #6 Porter (Russia)
  • Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale (England)
  • Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA (Scotland)
  • Lvivska Lager (Ukraine)
  • Lobster Lovers Beer (Lithuania)
  • Hitachino Nest Beer Lacto Stout (Japan)

I will be starting this adventure tomorrow. So what beer do you think I should start with?