St. Berndardus Abt. 12

Okay, so me an Belgian beers have not had the best of relationships. The first Belgian I had I hated (Chimay White), just couldn’t stand it. There was just something in the flavor and aroma that just turned me off and that gave me a serious distrust of the Belgian beers. Eventually, I gave Goose Island Matilda a try and it was okay, didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either. Tonight though I have found the beer that has truly opened my eyes to the wonders that is Belgian beers, St. Berndardus Abt. 12.

St. Berndardus Abt. 12 is a Belgian Quad that is absolutely delicious. I picked up this beer at the recommendation of an employee of Belmont Party Supply in Dayton, OH (and on an aside the people there are great and the beer selection is amazing plus there is a homebrewshop next door). Given my previous disposition to Belgians I was nervous, but I went with it and I am glad I did. This beer is big (10.5% abv), I mean I did mention it was a Quad, but it drinks like a beer much smaller. The spicy yeast character typical of Belgians is present and blends nicely with a malty sweetness. The flavor is rich and fruity with a carbonic bite that keeps the beer from being cloying.

This beer has definitely opened me up to the world of Belgian beers and has made me rethink my opinion of the beers coming from Belgium. At this point I wish I had picked up more than one bottle.


3 Responses to “St. Berndardus Abt. 12”

  1. Hey there.

    First I must say, wow, what a head on that beer. I am also a hit or miss with Belgian beers.

    I did fall in love with Matilda last month, but then she dumped me since Goose Island doesn’t deliver to Florida.

    This one you reviewed, I really have to check that out. I said the same thing just yesterday to @porkchop78. You can find her running self on Twitter if you want to see her review.

    Good night!

  2. you are awesome. I drank the same beer last night and have the same WP theme as you. Are we related??

  3. Rob – Definitely check it out, it is a great beer.

    Marie – Thanks, I like being awesome 😛 Not to mention you must be awesome as well given your beer and WP theme selection.

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