7-11 Enters Beer Market with Gameday

7-11 is the third largest beer retailer in the US and has decided to enter the beer market themselves with their own private brand “Game Day.” The beer will come in two versions, Light (3.9% ABV, 110 cal) and Ice (5.5% ABV, 155 cal). Both versions come in at a price between $6.99 and $8.99 for a 12 pack or between $1.49 and $1.89 for a 24oz can. The goal according to 7-11 is to provide a beer with “exceptional quality at a value price.” For more information check out the article at the end of the post.

I feel that 7-11, and to use a sport analogy, is going to strike out on this one. The product seemingly splits the gap between the light American lagers put out by Budweiser, Miller, and Coors (BMC) and craft beers. The problem with appealing to BMC drinkers is brand loyalty. Many of these drinkers have an unbreakable loyalty to a specific brand and I don’t see them breaking that loyalty for this new product. Likewise, I feel that craft beer drinkers will view this product as they do offerings from BMC. Overall though, I like the idea and I applaud the effort of 7-11 in attempting to bring their own beer to market. Especially since they are essentially taking on the “big boys” of brewing. I hope 7-11 succeeds, but I really don’t think they will.

AP Article


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