Sun King Brewing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of to visit Sun King Brewing of Indianapolis, IN. I was hoping that I could have spent a little more time there to talk to people, but unfortunately representatives of Ball Corp. were there. All in all, my short visit there was definitely fun and if you are in Indy when their tasting room is open you should stop in to try their beers.

Sun King was started by Dave Colt and Clay Robinson about a year ago and already has been making waves in the craft brewing scene. They took home 2 medals in the World Beer Cup a few weeks back, a silver for their Sunlight Cream Ale and a bronze for their Dominator Doppelbock. Currently, Sun King produces 4 year round beers and rotating specialty/seasonal beers. Of those they are canning (yes canning) 2 of their beers with a third coming soon.The cans are only available in their tasting room, but from what I heard they should be starting distribution soon.

While their I got to try all, but their Osiris Pale Ale and that was more because I didn’t want to drink too much there. Here is the rest of their current line up with my thoughts:

  • Sunlight Cream Ale (cans, draft) – A very refreshing cream ale. I could see how this took Silver at the WBC. Great summer, outdoors beer. I ended up picking up a 4 pack of cans as I left.
  • Wee Mac Scottish Ale (draft, cans soon) – A Scottish brown. Very malty with just enough balance to not be overly sweet.
  • Bitter Druid ESB (draft) – My favorite offering from Sun King. British malts are very noticeable coming through with biscuit/bread flavors balanced with rich caramel sweetness. Bitterness counter balances the malt very well. I ended up with a growler of this as well.
  • Osiris Pale Ale (cans, draft) – Didn’t try it. Sorry.
  • Westy West Coast IPA (draft) – This is their seasonal/specialty right now. It is a California Common (Specific lager yeast fermented like an ale) beer hopped up like a IPA with German Noble hops. This beer was delicious. I had no idea going in how it was going to be, but I like it. The softness of the Noble hops really helped bring out both the bitterness needed for the IPA while leaving enough yeast character for the Cali Common.

Overall, a big thumbs up to the guys at Sun King. Great beers and friendly people. Check them out if you are in the Indy area.



One Response to “Sun King Brewing”

  1. Chris Califf Says:

    Nice post dude! Good to know – Will def be on the look out for Sun King.

    Keep it up!

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