Beers I am Enjoying Right Now

It has been a fairly busy week and I have not gotten a lot of time to give much thought to what to post. I figured I would just give a recap of some of the beers that I personally am drink/enjoying right now.

  • Bell’s Pale Ale – Technically a Blonde Ale, but still very nice none the less. Very crisp and refreshing, definitely a good beer come spring and summer.
  • Red Hook Long Hammer IPA – Citrus hop aroma and flavor predominate. Not my favorite IPA, but still a good example of the style.
  • Left Hand Undercover Brown Ale – A nice brown ale, but a little disappointing. Lackluster aroma and almost watered down taste disappointed me. I loved the flavors I found in it, but was just left wishing for more.
  • Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout – Strong full bodied stout…from a can. I picked it up because I wanted to drink canned Craft Beer and I was not disappointed in the least.
  • Guinness Extra Stout – Still had a couple left over from St. Paddy’s Day. I like the Extra Stout over the cans and bottles with that stupid “widget” thing.
  • Homebrew – I have a Cali Common, MO/WGV SMaSH, Munich/Fuggles SMaSH, Burton Ale, and India Brown Ale in bottles that I am drinking. Next week my RoggenBock should be ready to drink and I can’t wait.

So that is what I am drinking right now. I’ll be heading home for the weekend and starting tonight I get to work on kegs of my dad’s homebrewed American Brown Ale and Brown Porter.

I am always open to suggestions on what to drink next. Hit me up here or on Twitter and send me suggestions on what to pick up next time I am out.



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