The Beginning

Where to start?

I guess you might want to know who I am and what to expect reading this blog. Sounds reasonable, so here we go.

My name is Ryan and I am a beer geek (snob, nerd, etc.). I enjoy all things beer, from brewing to drinking, as well as the history, sociocultural, and economic aspects. If it is beer then I like it. My love affair with beer started young watching and helping my dad homebrew on our stove. I was fascinated by the dark boil concoction on our stove and though I was too young to drink it, I was hooked. Fast-forward to the summer between my sophomore and junior years at the University of Dayton. I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in the wonderful beer countries that are Germany, England, and Ireland. I got to experience not only the wonderful Helles, Dunkels, Bocks, Hefewiezens, Bitters, Porters, Stouts, and so many other beers, but what stood out to me the most was the atmosphere of the Biergartens and Pubs that I visited. Now as a senior (for 2 months at least) I am an avid homebrewer and craft beer enthusiast. My goal at some point is to become a brewer and own my own brewery.

As for what you will find in this blog, who know? I don’t really want to put a specific direction on it as of right now. There are just too many facets of beer that to focus on any one would be a disservice to the others. Thus topics here you mind find include beer reviews, current industry news, homebrewing, discussions of the ingredients or process that make beer, and other general ramblings. I am more than open to suggestions, so if you think of anything let me know.

So sit back, grab a pint, and enjoy the ride.



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